Thursday, October 8, 2009

About this blog

This is a blog specifically for my translated video game novels. Although I do other sorts of translation having to do with video games, this blog is only for official novels/short stories/other sorts of fiction having to do with Japanese RPGs.

Though I am also one of the translators working at KHInsider, nothing that I translate there will be posted here (unless it happens to be one of the KH short story collections.)

And if anyone is interested in bringing me on their team of translators, send me a message! If it looks like something I might enjoy, I may take you up on it.


Katie said...

I would love to see a translation of the Final Fantasy II novel! Do you know anything about this book or if it's been translated by anyone else?

Daniel (Loony BoB) said...

Hi there, I'm not entirely sure how best to contact yourself, but I'd be really interested in showing (and crediting you!) your work at - if you can email me at then that would be great. Alternatively you can join the forums and send a "mognet message" (private message) to Loony BoB, catch me on AIM with DanieLoony or Y!M/MSN using loony_bob (Yahoo!) or (MSN) :) I hope you see this - I've really enjoyed reading your works. They're great!

rm3991 said...
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