Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Episode Zero: Tomorrow "It was on that day, the tragedy fell upon us."

[Warning: This chapter contains spoilers for the game.]

It was on that day, the tragedy fell upon us.

On the earth of the great spirit of Pulse, a terrible creature flew from the den of Lindzei.

With it’s cursed right hand it rent the earth, splitting it into one thousand fragments which flew to strike the people who lived on the land.

With it’s cursed left hand it tore down the mountains, crumbling them into ten thousand fragments which flew to slaughter the creatures that crawled along the land.

With both of it’s cursed hands it pulled up the life giving river and sent it crashing down on both the people and the creatures of the land and washed them away.

It devoured the fruits of the earth which would become food for the people. It took the fertile lands with it hands, rolling it up and carrying it away. Metals which slept deep within the earth it tore out with it’s cursed right hand, stole with it’s cursed left hand, and then this too, it carried away.

Buildings it turned to rubble, and carried away without a trace left behind.

The only thing wasted was the countless lives of the people.

Screams of pain and terror filled the earth, but the destruction continued. Soon the only sound left was the silence of death.

On completing it’s atrocious acts it flew once more into the sky. Only two children, now homeless and shaking, watched it as it went. Watching it return to that den of demons, that round den of thieves which floated in the sky.

In the eyes of one child anger was born, and in the eyes of the other sadness.

On this day, the tragedy fell, and two seeds were planted in the earth.


Anonymous said...

beautiful translation!!

Sacha said...

Is this the very last chapter ? Is there only one chapter for Present and Tomorrow ?

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work ! Very much appreciated !

Lissar said...

While there is only one chapter in Present, there are several sections in Tomorrow. I will hopefully be able to finish these within the next one or two weeks.

Alexander said...

Good post and a very nice translation

Anonymous said...

Oh how heartbreaking. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

The chapter tells about the war between Cocoon and Pulse and how the Fal'Cie of Cocoon has stolen from the Gran Pulse citizens because human lifes are nothing more than sacrifices.

In the chapter Strangers you can see Fang and Vanille are the mentioned girls, because Fang's heart filled with anger seeing those thieves who took everything away,
and Vanille is the crying one, crying because of the memories of switching the lifes on Gran Pulse to death.

WingSong said...

I have a bit of a pet peeve that you seem to be doing a lot...

"its"= possessive form, i.e. "with ITS cursed left hand," et cetera.

"it's"= "it is," i.e. "It's sad most people don't know the difference between the itses."

Probably not a big deal to most people, but like I said, it's a pet peeve of mine...LOL. Sorry if I seem mean...

Anyway, I haven't thanked you yet. Thank you SO MUCH for translating these. You've really done a beautiful job. <3

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