Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fabula Nova Crystallis Mythology

This is a translation of the mythological story told in this Fabula Nova Crystallis video shown at the January 18th 2011 Square-Enix Conference.

Once upon a time, a god ruled the world. He was called Buniberzei.

Buniberzei defeated his mother, the goddess Muin, and took control of the world for himself.

Muin disappeared into the unseen world--the invisible world.

Buniberzei was a god with many troubles.

The world, it was certain, was destined to die.

He believed this was a curse laid on the world by his mother Muin. Buniberzei knew he had to destroy her.

To do this, he must search for the door. The door to the invisible world where his mother waited.

Using his will alone, he created the first fal’Cie.

First, he created fal’Cie Pulse.

The duty he laid on him was to open the world, and search for the door to Muin.

Next, he created fal’Cie Etro.

But it was a mistake. Unknowingly, he created her exactly in the image of Muin.

Buniberzei feared her, and gave Etro no power of her own.

Instead, he created fal’Cie Lindzei.

The duty he laid on him was to protect Buniberzei from all who might seek to destroy him.

Buniberzei gave Lindzei one special duty. To wake him once the time came.

Then he turned to crystal, and fell into an endless sleep.

Pulse wished to expand the world, so he created many fal’Cie and l’Cie.

Lindzai wished to protect the world, so he created many fal’Cie and l’Cie.

But Etro was powerless, and could do nothing of her own.

Lonely, she thought of her mother, who she so resembled.

Etro tore at her body, letting her blood flow to the earth, and disappeared from the visible world.

From that blood, torn from her body, sprung humankind.

Creatures that were born, only to die.

The destruction of the visible world was no curse, only fate.

The world was divided into two halves, the visible and the invisible.

If the balance between these two were destroyed, the world itself would be destroyed.

The goddess Muin could do nothing to stop this fate.

She was being swallowed into the chaos of the invisible world.

Just before her last moment, Etro came to her side.

Muin told Etro that she must protect the balance of the world, before slipping into the chaos forever.

But Etro was foolish, and didn’t know the meaning behind Muin’s words.

Etro was lonely, but she felt affection for those humans who live only to die.

As they died, she smiled, and gave them chaos.

The chaos Etro gave them, the humans named “heart”.

Their hearts would become their power, but the humans did not yet know this.

Soon, they called Pulse the all powerful ruler. Lindzei they named their protector, and Etro... Etro the named ‘death’.

The humans lived on the world, hold chaos inside them.

Because they held chaos so close, the world once again was in balance.

And Buniberzei still sleeps. A crystal.

Until the end of forever...


BoN said...

Thank Lissar, I love u so much ^^!!

Recently, I'm trying to find someone to translate this mythology from the japanese text that written in Famitsu's site. Unlucky that all of my friend has already slept... That's the time I think of your's blog.

Thank you so much, I will translate it in to Thai language for my country. Surely that all credit will be given to you. ^^/

Raiden said...

Thank you Lissar! If not for all of your translations, the international fanbase would be quite clueless for much of the FF13 mythos.

Strange that such an important story like this would be given out at a press conference...this seems central to the entire plot.

Again, thanks so much!

BoN said...

After all I have read this, I really wan to screammmmmmm Orz....

I have thought that THE MAKER is Hollow Pulse, but he isn't. So that's mean the real meaning of The Maker must be Muin or Buniberze...

Now I believe it should be Muin...
Barthandelus must believed that she still be in the invisible realm. So that's why he want to open the door...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Buniberzei. Oedipus complex much?

And I really like FNC's mythology. Every time I read something from it, it makes me squee like a giddy little kid. Thank you for the translation! :D

jen-chan said...

Hi Lissar! Gokurosamadeshita! Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work!! I've really enjoyed your FFXIII translations, and I think all of english-speaking fandom owes you a great debt for your service!



Anonymous said...

Oh wow, sounds like the romen/greek tales of titans and gods. With Muin being like Gaia in away, though I guess Vanille is a messenger of Etro's then. Being that her special move is 'Death'. So now that we have the mythology out. How much more does Vanille and Fang tie into this? I understand it was Etro who stopped both of them from destroying Cocoon, which is Anima will. and encasing them. Wait, so how does Anima and Etro tie together in this?Etro Veto Anima or something?

Ohkikaze said...

Thank you for the translation ^~^
Great to know the whole mythology for FNC now, keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Lissar for the translations!! I posted a vid thanks to your translations. here it is if you wanna check it out. Thanks again!! ^.^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwFlVr6ceXg

Eli said...

Yo, Lissar: Thanks for all these Translations, I really appreciate them =)

Final Fantasy is a fantastic series (like everything from Square), so it's really nice to see all this stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Here's everything you can possibly learn about Fabula Nova Crystallis.


Unknown said...

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SergioSource said...

you guys know that Lindsei is Barthandelus right?

Anonymous said...

Will you be translating the Fragments Before novel from Final Fantasy 13-2?

TheMightyTehin said...

Thanks for the translation. Helps for the most part with understanding the gods, goddesses, fal'Cie, etc.

I really enjoy what you do. Any chance we can hear more from you in the future? :)


Anonymous said...

So Pulse, Etro, and Linzei are Fal'cie? And Bhunivelze is the only god? The three former are called gods in the game. IDK if this is just an interpretation humans have of them.

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